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Fractional property ownership is fast becoming a hot topic in the world of overseas property. You may have read about it or even come across some operators who specialise in this area. Essentially, fractional ownership offers you the opportunity to buy a fraction of a property at a fraction of the cost, but crucially it does give you part-ownership of the property itself. Fractional ownership is not timeshare - the difference is that you own part of the freehold outright. The only similarity to timeshare is that it makes overseas home-ownership more affordable. Buying part of a home means that properties become more affordable - lucury properties that may have been out of reach if you were buying outright become within your budget. If you have financial constraints or don't wish to tie up all your capital then fractional ownership could be the solution.

Fractional property ownership also potentially offers a great investment for the risk averse - ie. if you own a property and the market crashes, you only have a fraction of the exposure than if you owned the residence outright.

The concept is set for huge growth as people become more intuitive towards their spending, focusing more on purchasing only what they realistically use, than all the hassles that go with 100% whole ownership.

When you consider the average overseas property owner only uses their holiday home 3 weeks a year, this makes a fractional ownership purchase an even more compelling propostion.